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The creation and management of knowledge is recognised as one of the key drivers of global economic development today. Competitiveness and organisational efficiency is increasingly becoming a function of organisations’ capacity to innovate and adapt, which is, in turn, directly linked to the quality and flexibility of their staff. In the information age, the challenge for education providers is to provide the labour force with the knowledge and skills that will allow organisations to respond flexibly to the rapidly evolving demands of the global market.

e-Learning involves the use of computer and information technologies in the process of learning and teaching. It provides a flexible and interesting medium for any learning activity. Most importantly, it does not require a high level of computer literacy! Our introductory tutorial on the use of the GDSI e-Learning Centre will explain the simple steps you need to take in order to access our learning opportunities.

GDSI is the first firm of development consultants to offer a dedicated e-Learning platform in support of its projects internationally. The courses on offer will expand over time, and will reflect the diversity of the international development work that we carry out worldwide. At present, our e-Learning Centre provides 2 main types of courses: (i) courses specifically aimed at target groups in international technical assistance projects that we deliver on behalf of the EU, the World Bank and other donor organisations; (ii) open courses that are available free of charge to visitors to our site. At the moment, various courses are available in English and Russian languages and are delivered by our home-based staff and our international associates.

We hope you enjoy your learning experience in the GDSI e-Learning Centre!

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